Gasket sheet GAMBIT AF-1000 is based on Kevlar® aramide fi bres, mineral fi bres, and fi llers bound with NBR rubber-based binder; reinforced with galvanized steel mesh.
Designation according to DIN 28091-2: FA-AM1-ST
Kevlar® is a registered trademark of E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company or its affi


Used in high temperature fl ange joints, in systems with high fl uctuations in pressure and medium fl ow rate. Features high mechanical resistance. Can be used in automotive industry. It is not recommended with acids and bases. When working with steam mind using suitable mounting clamps. Water, steam, kerosene, gaso-line, fuel, and oil resistant

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0.8*1500*1500, 1*1500*1500, 1.5*1500*1500, 2*1500*1500, 2.5*1500*1500, 3*1500*1500, 4*1500*1500, 5*1500*1500, 0.5*1500*1500

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