Klingrit 1000

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Klingerit 1000
Top grade wire-reinforced material for extreme service. Recommended for use for high and fluctuating temperatures and pressures. Composed of styrene-butadiene binder with high-grade long-fibre chrysotile asbestos and a mild steel reinforcement..
The Klinger group has been recognised as the market leader in gaskets and sealing for over a century. Our research and development laboratories have investigated over 250 different fibre forms in the search for asbestos free
alternatives. The search has resulted in a range of high quality and high
performance asbestos free materials that have been proven in service
General Properties
ƒ   Suitable for high temperatures (550°C)
ƒ   Suitable for high pressures
ƒ   Supplied with Graphite Anti-Stick finish
ƒ  Wire-Reinforced to improve blow-out resistance and compressive strength
ƒ   Colour:   Graphite finish


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