Pure PTFE(polytetrafluoroethylene

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PTFE is a soft, low friction fluoropolymer with outstanding chemical resist- ance and weathering resistance. PTFE is stable at temperatures up to 500°F and it is often used in high temperature environments. PTFE also has excel- lent electrical insulating properties.

PTFE is available in a variety of formulations including unfilled, glass-filled, and bearing grades. Unfilled PTFE is extremely soft and formable and it is often used for chemical resistant seals and gaskets. Glass-filled PTFE has enhanced strength and stiffness. Bearing grades of PTFE have extremely low friction and high service temperatures. They are frequently specified for high performance bearings and bushings, particularly in applications that require resistance to corrosive chemicals

PTFE sheet, rod, and tube are available in virgin grade, which is made from virgin PTFE resin as well as reprocessed or mechanical grade, which is made from recycled material


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