Tesnit BA-55

165,000 تومان450,000 تومان

Gasket  material with excellent  thermal properties and  Good Steam resistance
TESNIT® BA-55 is a gasket material based on NBR nitrile rubber special sythetic fibres, which makes it very suitable for the high thermal loadings. Material has an excellent thermal properties and very good steam resistance. TESNIT® BA-55 is a very suitable and economical solution for the wide field of application including the applications with high temperature requirements.

:Properties and application
Gasket material is excellent and economical solution for a wide range of applications.

Basis Synthetic fibres, NBR
Approvals applied for BAM, DIN-DVGW (DIN 3535), DVGW KTW, DVGW W270, HTB (VP401, 1bar) , HTB (VP401, 5bar)

SURFACE TREATmENT Treatment with graphite, PTFE and antistick coating is available
on request.


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